ATLAS Africa Student Webinar
Tourism and Cultural Diversity: The UPCT way
November 8, 2023
10.00 CET

This year’s annual ATLAS Africa Honours 2023 student webinar will focus on the topic “Tourism and Cultural Diversity: The UPCT way.”


UPCT is the University of Pretoria Campus Tours, a postgraduate, live project, experiential teaching model in which the honours students run a real-time tourism business. Throughout the year, the students who operate UPCT learn transferable skills such as problem-solving and client communication, as well as all the aspects of operating a business including: finance, marketing, events planning and management, administration, research and guiding skills.


In the context of this year’s theme of the ATLAS’s CultSense SIG Cultural Tourism Conference held in Rotterdam in June 2023, “Bridging Cultures through Travel: From theory to practice”, this year’s UP webinar will focus on the multicultural identities in South Africa and specifically consider the experiences within the UPCT 2023 year. It will indicate how South Africa remains one of the most multicultural countries in the world, but also stands as one of the most divided historically speaking. The webinar will consider and show how differences and divisions can be bridged through tourism. Different real-life situations of the year will be reflected on as examples to indicate how tourism bridges cultural differences and fosters cultural sensitivity and awareness. It is therefore a practical example of theory to practice. It will contend that tourism has and continues to overcome differences in the multicultural nature of South African society and has the potential to function as a peace-broker.


Attending this event is for free for both ATLAS members and non-members.

The webinar can live be followed at the following YouTube LIVESTREAM:



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