ATLAS Regional Sections

ATLAS is represented at regional and local level by the following sections:

  • ATLAS Africa
  • ATLAS Asia
  • ATLAS Europe
  • ATLAS Latin America
  • ATLAS Middle East
  • ATLAS Oceania

The regional sections of ATLAS have developed their own programme of activities and publications to respond more closely to the specific needs of members located in these regions and those with related research interests.

You can find more information on the ATLAS Regional Sections HERE


ATLAS Special Interest Groups

Members of ATLAS can form and join Special Interest Groups (SIGs) related to specific education and research topics or for specific geographical areas. SIGs run research programmes and can organise special events and publications related to their area of interest. The current SIGs are on:

  • Cultural Tourism
  • Gastronomy and Tourism
  • Business Tourism
  • Events
  • Volunteer Tourism
  • Heritage Tourism and Education
  • Space, Place, Mobilities in Tourism
  • Urban Tourism
  • Visual Tourism
  • Climate Change and Tourism
  • Tourism Education
  • Circulair Economy
  • Artificial Intelligence and Tourism
  • Dark Tourism

You can find more information on the ATLAS Special Interest Groups HERE

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