ATLAS Special Interest Groups

Members of ATLAS can form and join Special Interest Groups related to specific education and research topics or for specific geographical areas. Special Interest Groups run research programmes and can organise special events and publications related to their area of interest. The current Special Interest Groups are on:


Proposals for new SIGs

Proposals for the formation of special interest groups should be submitted to the ATLAS administration. Proposals can be put forward by full members of the association, but to be formally established as a special interest section they must have the support of at least four full members, and should have a clear set of aims and objectives, as well as an annual work plan. No funding can be provided at this early stage from ATLAS, but subject to approval from the Executive special interest groups may make funding applications using the ATLAS name. All the participating institutions within a special interest group should be ATLAS members.


Support and advice for SIGs

More about support and advice for SIGs can be found HERE
More about support and advice for organising a SIG meeting can be found HERE


Join the SIGs

Members of ATLAS can participate in the SIGs by filling in the form HERE

If you want to contact a SIG coordinator or the coordinator of all the SIGs, please fill in the form HERE

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