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The deadline for submittig contributions for the PhD seminar has been extended to March 8, 2024

Sustainability transformations in leisure and tourism
Breda, The Netherlands
June 25, 2024

The 2024 ATLAS-CBTS PhD Seminar will focus on how leisure and tourism research engages with sustainability and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Looking towards the future, this focussed seminar will be a space for PhD researchers to engage in conversation and debate around the challenges of understanding, imagining, implementing and realizing sustainable leisure and tourism spaces, sectors and activities. The PhD seminar is intended for PhD candidates engaged in research about tourism, leisure, hospitality, recreation and their related fields.


Both the themes of the ATLAS Annual Conference 2024 and the CBTS 2024 highlights that the UNWTO has adopted the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. As one of the few, if not only, industry sectors mentioned in the SDG’s, tourism and leisure are well-placed to offer innovative solutions to many of the questions surrounding sustainable development. At the same time, critiques of the ‘value’ of the SDG’s to sustainability discourses are growing and what and how sustainability is enacted in tourism and leisure settings becomes problematic as green-washing and a myriad of other negative terms/tactics come to light.


This PhD seminar aims to bring together PhD candidates who are engaging with social, environmental or economic sustainability and/or the UN’s SDGs within their PhD research to provide a forum for discussion, debate, collaboration and growth. The seminar offers the opportunity to gain one-on-one peer feedback on research and writing as well as providing a small, intimate environment in which to get to know like-minded PhD colleagues.

The PhD seminar is part of both the ATLAS Annual Conference and the CBTS2024. Participation is free for student delegates of the conferences.


Participants are expected to be enrolled as PhD students within fields related to tourism, leisure, recreation, hospitality, mobilities/transport, social/cultural geography, cultural studies or similar. Students at all stages of their PhD research project are welcome. In order to apply for the seminar, the student must submit a research paper (approx. 1000-2500 words). The paper must relate to leisure and tourism, and sustainability, sustainable development, the UN’s SDGs well-being and/or regenerative tourism. The paper should engage theoretically, methodologically, empirically or ethically with the PhD candidate’s research. Ideas for what the paper might include or look like could include (but are not limited to) a first draft of a journal article, a chapter or conference presentation. It may (in)directly engage with the UN’s SDGs or challenge assumptions about sustainability. The paper may be a personal reflection on the PhD candidate’s journey or may discuss methodological challenges in researching these areas.


The participant’s papers will form part of the discussions during the PhD event, in particular the workshop. In sharing and discussing the papers and the aims/purposes/meanings behind them, the PhD seminar strives to foster a space of insight into possible futures for sustainability in tourism and leisure. The seminar will provide the opportunity to consider how the viewpoints of the PhD candidates involved coalesce, differ, intertwine, diverge and build upon each other to lead to innovative, thought-provoking and engaged futures for those studying and researching in these areas.


Participants should be enrolled as PhD candidates within fields related to tourism, leisure, recreation, hospitality, mobilities/transport, social/cultural geography, cultural studies or similar. Candidates at all stages of their PhD process are welcome.

Abstract Submission

Please submit a research reflections paper of approx. 1000-2500 words to by February 18th, 2024.

Abstract specifications:

  • 1000-2500 words (excluding references)
  • In English
  • Word format
  • Include a short bio-sketch about yourself, which outlines where you are in the PhD process

Preliminary Programme

8:30 Registration and welcome
9:00 Workshop – Looking at papers in progress
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 How do we take contemporary understandings of sustainability in leisure and tourism into the future?
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Challenging sustainability – what does this mean for leisure and tourism?
14:00 Close

Seminar chairs

Ioanna Farsari – Dalarna University, Sweden

Oswin Maurer – Free University of Bolzano, Italiy

Tara Duncan – Dalarna University, Sweden

Practical Information

Date: Tuesday 25th June 2024
Place: Breda, The Netherlands
Maximum number of participants: 25
Certificate: PhD candidates will be issued with a certificate outlining the total amount of hours of the PhD seminar

Participation fee: Participation is free for student delegates of the CBTS and/or ATLAS conference

Enquiries at

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