Tourism Education


ATLAS Special Interest Group
Tourism Education

The coordinators for this Special Interest Group are:

Goretti Silva

Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo



Sheena Carlisle

Cardiff University

United Kingdom

To provide a platform to discuss and critique key challenges, issues, values, processes and practices in tourism education and training.  To identify and share effective practice which supports tourism employability and longevity of careers for a sustainable tourism industry.  


  • Utilise online forums and discussion workshops to discuss key challenges, solutions, and good practice in tourism education
  • Contribute to relevant conferences to generate an equal interest in innovative tourism learning approaches and teaching methods as well as (pedagogical) research
  • Encourage use of international policy developments and tourism education networks to support innovative teaching practice, such as UN SDGs, TEFI, BEST EN, CTS, CAUTHE network
  • Discuss, critique, and promote accessible and flexible processes in future course design
  • Reinforce university, industry and government cooperation and collaboration, through joint research processes and cooperative learning processes and projects.

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Annual review of activities 2022

After a successful series of Tourism Education tracks in 2018, 2019 and 2021 we are looking forward to Cork for the Special Track 8 on Good Practice in Learning and Teaching Tourism in Higher Education. 

Through the compilation of 10 case study examples of experiences on how different tourism education themes and topics can be delivered in or outside the classroom experiences will focus on innovative student-centred, active learning experiences, that place the student at the centre of learning.

We will be holding the SIG meeting for Tourism Education during the ATLAS Cork conference to discuss how to take the SIG forward into 2023 and continue to advocate for innovation and progression in tourism education to meet today’s challenges in the tourism industry. 

Participants in the special track will also be encouraged to submit an extended paper for a special issue journal on Innovation in Tourism Education. 

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