Sustainability Transformations in Tourism & Leisure
Industry Workshops
Industry Workshop 1 – Human Capital
Industry Workshop 2 – Measuring Resident Benefits
Industry Workshop 3 – From Vision to Strategy: operationalizing the Sustainability Vision of the Dutch Outbound Travel Industry

Industry Workshop 4 – Influence your stakeholders with Behavioral Design 

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Sustainability Transformations in Tourism & Leisure


Mark your calendars for Wednesday, June 26th, as Breda becomes the epicentre of innovation. Two prestigious international conferences in tourism, leisure and hospitality are joining forces to host a ground-breaking Industry Day. The ultimate change to deepen your knowledge on the sustainable transformation of your business model. Meet more than 200 international scientists, listen to two interesting keynotes, participate in one of seven workshops and join the discussion during the closing panel. All at the inspiring campus of the Breda University of Applied Sciences.


The focal point of this day is to bring together industry, education and academics in tourism, leisure and hospitality. On this day, you will receive state-of-the-art inspiration from speakers and panellists from the sector, sharing their vision, insights and best practices. Be inspired by their stories and learn why their pioneering knowledge is reshaping the industry landscape.


The Industry Day Sustainable Transformations in Tourism & Leisure is an initiative of the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research (ATLAS) and the Consumer Behaviour in Tourism Symposium (CBTS) and is powered by the Centre of Expertise Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality (CELTH).


Securing your spot at this exhilarating event requires an investment of 250 euros. However, as a valued associate of CELTH, you can participate for a reduced fee of 100 euros. Registration is easy via this link. For comprehensive details and the complete program, please visit the ATLAS website.



9.00     Registration with coffee

9.30     Opening

9.45     Keynote presentation Frank Radstake ANVR

10.15   Keynote presentation Jos Vranken NBTC

10.45   Q&A

11.00   Coffee break

11.30   Industry workshop sessions (2 * 45 minutes)

13.00   Lunch

14.00   Panel discussion, feedback from the Industry Workshop Sessions

15.00   Farewell / network drinks

Industry Workshops

This day is powered by CELTH (Dutch National Centre of Expertise in Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality). The Industry Workshops are organised by CELTH in cooperation with ANVR, NBTC, PvkO and Breda Marketing.


Several interesting workshops with state of the art topics are programmed, such as:
• Human capital: opportunity or biggest challenge?
• Measuring resident benefit: Exploration of indicators and methods
• Sustainability Vision of the Dutch Outbound Travel Industry
• The Future of Conference Organising
• More to follow!

Industry Workshop 1
Human capital: opportunity or biggest challenge?

Workshop organisers:

Lobke Elbers – Breda University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

Simone Romijn – HZ University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands


Let’s explore human capital and its impact on the tourism, leisure and hospitality landscape. This workshop is designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest insights of the most in demand competencies and provide practical insights to enhance your knowledge on human capital. In this 1,5 hour workshop, you’ll delve into the 4 elements of employment in tourism, leisure and hospitality; attracting & retaining talent, current skills gaps and future skills needs. Learn from how to create an outstanding culture where people genuinely want to work and understand the critical components of employee experience and apply them effectively. We explore the intersection of business, education, and a successful HR strategy.

Industry Workshop 2
Measuring resident benefits: Exploration of indicators and methodologies

Workshop organisers:

Jeroen Klijs – Breda University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

Elisa van den Heuvel – Breda University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

Simon Witt – HZ University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands


The theme of this workshop is resident benefits and is linked to the CELTH project “measuring resident benefits: exploration of indicators and methodologies”, developed in correspondence with Perspective Destination Netherlands 2030 (NBTC, 2019) and the advice for desirable tourism by the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (2020). To develop sustainable tourism, it is necessary to pay attention to one specific target group: the local residents. This is because, on the one hand, tourism can have an important influence on the daily lives of residents while, on the other hand, residents play an important role in welcoming visitors. In this regard, a shift from managing and mitigating tourism impacts to maximizing perceived resident benefits is central in this approach.


During the workshop we will provide insights into the definition and framework of resident benefits, elaborate on its relevancy and need, hold a panel discussion with participants from the academic and professional field and provide possibilities to the audience to interactively engage in the discussion.


The objective of this workshop is to discuss conceptual and practical insights on how to:
• Measure the benefits of tourism for residents
• Make residents aware of these benefits
• Develop interventions to improve the benefits

Industry Workshop 3

From Vision to Strategy: Operationalizing the Sustainability Vision of the Dutch Outbound Travel Industry

Workshop Organiser:

Ko Koens – Inholland University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands


The ANVR has developed a sustainability vision for the Dutch Outbound Travel Industry. To operationalize this, six workshops have been conducted, using a backcasting methodology to outline necessary steps. While work is ongoing towards a comprehensive strategy, this workshop is an opportunity to reflect on current perspectives and suggest alternative ways to achieve the targets set in the vision. Can you contribute valuable ideas? Join us to help refine the approach and help shape a sustainable future for travel.

Industry Workshop 4
Influence your stakeholders with Behavioral Design

Workshop Organisers:
Peter Verheijde – CX Unraveled, the Netherlands
Thirza Schaap – CX Unraveled, the Netherlands


Discover the power of behavioral design in our workshop: “Influence your stakeholders with behavioral design.” Learn what behavioral design means in this interactive session. Increase your insight into human behavior. Map the forces that influence the behavior of your stakeholders with a practical template. Apply this knowledge and create effective strategies to achieve your desired results. A practical workshop to improve your skills and increase your impact on stakeholders. Do you want to learn what you need to do to get your key stakeholders to say YES to your CX initiatives? Then this workshop is for you! Prepare for a fascinating experience full of insights and immediately applicable techniques.

Participation fee

Fee Industry Day EURO 250
Special Fee Industry Day EURO 100*


* Special Fee for contacts of CELTH, PVKO, ANVR, NBTC, Breda Marketing, BUAS Alumni.

Included in the fee are conference materials, network lunch, coffee breaks and end-of-the-day drinks.


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The Industry Day is part of two international conferences being organised at BUAS in the week of 24 – 28 June 2024:


CBTS 2024
Transforming Tourism Through More Sustainable Consumer Behaviour
Breda, Netherlands
23-26 June 2024

ATLAS Annual Conference 2024
Leisure & Tourism 2030: Navigating the Future
Breda, Netherlands
June 25-28, 2024


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