Climate Change and Tourism


ATLAS Special Interest Group
Climate Change and Tourism

The coordinator for this Special Interest Group is:

Ioanna Farsari

Dalarna University



Climate change has come as a disruption to our usual practices. Social movements and activism such as the Friday school strike has brought it to the everyday discussions. Climate change has challenged also tourism scholars to think outside their local territories to accommodate issues of global social and environmental change (Espiner et al., 2017). In spite of its alarming nature and tourism’s contribution to climate change, tourism remains the sector with the least responsiveness in taking measures to mitigate its carbon footprint (Scott et al., 2016).


The SIG is developed on the understanding of the mutual effects of Tourism on climate change and vice versa, of climate change onto tourism. It acknowledges also the inter and trans disciplinary character of the research on the field and invites contributions from a variety of fields, disciplines, and expertise to encourage the development of shared research agendas which manage to capture the complexity of CC and tourism.


It also acknowledges the accuracy of the matter and the need to relate to stakeholders, policy makers and the wider public in an effort to develop relevant research as well as to disseminate research results to a wider audience for a greater impact. Knowledge sharing and co-creation are deemed important and this SIG aims to offer a fertile ground for the encouragement of collaborations and the development of new, creative, and innovative research.


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Annual review of activities 2022

During the last year (2021/22) we have organised the special track in 2021 Annual conference with the theme ““Engaging into meaningful research and action for climate change and tourism: the role of scholars”. Track governors: Ioanna Farsari, Dalarna University, Sweden; Liliana Carvalho, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal; Martine Bakker, Wageningen University, the Netherlands.


The 2021 special attract attracted a great deal of interest with 19 submissions and 13 presentations. We followed a transformative approach with the aim to network, reflect and discuss meaningful research on climate change and tourism. Together with the co -chairs we have written a report around it which we have distributed among SIG members and the special track participants. We have also worked to develop it further to a research note that we plan to submit for publication in fall 2022. As a result of the special track, we received attention and a few more memberships in the group.


During 2022, we have also planned for a special track to take place in 2022 annual conference with the theme “Tourism in the new normal: accelerating climate change or embodying crisis?”. Track governors are Ioanna Farsari, Dalarna University Sweden; Harald A. Friedl, FH JOANNEUM, Austria; Jane Turner, Leeds Beckett University, UK. 


We look forward to meeting in person some of the members and other colleagues for the first time.


Work plan 2022-2023:

  • Publication: invite pieces of opinion, based on special track 2022 to be published in ATLAS Review
  • Organise Special Track 2023
  • Network: connect to researchers around climate change and tourism to develop the SIG further 
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