Heritage Tourism and Education


ATLAS Special Interest Group
Heritage Tourism and Education

The coordinators for this SIG are:

Chin-Ee Ong

Sun Yat-Sen University



Sharif Shams Imon

Heritage and Tourism Management

Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM)


This SIG (active since 2017) is interested in any topic concerning the education and training in heritage and tourism. Listed below are illustrative of our interests but the list is not exhaustive.

  • Production and consumption of heritage, tourism and heritage tourism knowledge
  • Social justice, neo-liberalism, power-knowledge, politics of representation in education content
  • ‘Buzzwords’ and tourism education: sustainability, resilience, pro-poor, community-based…
  • Quality assurance and control, effective communication, pedagogic techniques, technologies and paradigms in academic and professional tourism and heritage education
  • Tourism and education programmes in degree granting institutions
  • Site manager training for UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Tour(ist) guide and heritage interpreter training
  • Disciplinary concerns and explorations: Excavating Anthropology, Architecture and Geography and other academic disciplines from professional and academic tourism and leisure courses (eg. ‘the Geography in Tour Guiding’)
  • The role of tourism schools in their communities

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Annual review of activities 2022

21 Nov 2021 Heritage Tourism and Education Student meeting (online)

Nov 22, 2021, the Heritage Tourism and Education Special Interest Group conducted its inaugural student forum. A hybrid event involving students from Sun Yat-sen University’s School of Tourism Management (who attended in real space) and Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (who joined in virtual space), 4 student research projects were presented. These touched on a range of themes that explored cultural heritage’s interactions with tourism commodification, tourism resilience building and modelling, gastronomy and creativity. The students were joined by their professors and also experts from Croatia (Prof.Sandra Uskokovic) and Singapore (Mr Osten Mah). The event was supported by the UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Tourism at UNESCO Designated Sites led by Prof Zhang Chaozhi at Sun Yat-sen University. This will be the first of a series of student forums which promote and encourage constructive dialogue and critical exchange between students which interest in heritage tourism.


Mentoring the students to take part in ATLAS Annual Meeting

We have also been mentoring students in their heritage research for participation in international conferences, including the forthcoming ATLAS Annual Conference.

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