ATLAS SIG Gastronomy Meeting – Tradition and Innovation in Gastronomy

University of Sibiu Sibiu, Romania

Keynote speaker: Prof. Ilie Rotariu – Faculty of Economic Sciences, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu. Introduction Abstract submission Scientific committee Important dates Introduction The relationship between food and tourism has grown ever closer: food has become one of the key element of tourism experience, and tourists have become one of the major market for local […]

CultSense and ATLAS SIG CT – Bridging Cultures Through Travel: From Theory to Practice

Erasmus University Rotterdam Rotterdam, Netherlands

Keynote speaker: Dr.Emily Höckert - University of Lapland, Finland & Prof.Wil Munsters - Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands Introduction How can travel encourage cultural sensitivity? In a post-pandemic world, travel and tourism have been regaining popularity. With this regained popularity comes a renewed pressure on local hosts and sites because of increasing visiting numbers. […]

€120 – €210

ATLAS Annual Conference 2023 – Quality of Life: Health, Tourism and Climate

Bad Gleichenberg, Austria Bad Gleichenberg, Austria

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